Sex Change Surgery a surgical method to change genital organs from one gender to another.

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Sex Change Operations 

You can't always judge a book by its cover, but you can usually assume that the title has something to do with the story.  Figuratively speaking; when people decide to have sex change operations it's obvious that they do not believe that they have the right title. 

The first thing people ask about a baby when its born is usually whether it's a boy or a girl.  Once this identification is made, the gender roles immediately come into play, and society usually says you better follow these norms.

There are the rare occasions where people, male or female, begin to realize that these roles and expectations do not fit them. In fact the opposite roles are the ones they follow.  These people sometimes become convinced that they are the wrong sex, and go as far as to have a sex change operation.

When people become convinced that they are the wrong sex it is actually considered a gender identity disorder.  Gender identity disorder is actually anything but a cut and dry disorder and has three different classifications.  The total classification includes Transsexualism, which are people who have convinced themselves that they are the opposite sex, and Transvestophilia who are people who dress like the opposite sex for arousal.  The partial unlimited classification includes Gynemimesis and Transvestism. These are basically people who only wish they could live as the opposite sex.  Finally partial limited includes, homosexuality, bisexualism, and lesbianism.

Having a sex change operation is not a very easy process.  Usually to be admitted for the sex change operations, a person has to be cleared by three different psychologists.  The surgery is irreversible for the most part and the fear of people changing their mind is strong.  It is stressed that the process is completely understood, because the reactions by not only society but even yourself when it's all said and done can be hard to handle and needs a lot of dedication.  Usually people have to be at least late adolescences, and need to already be able to have sex.  It is also reiterated that the entire process may take from a year to a year and a half to be complete.

Sex change operations are mostly for the physical appearance and satisfaction of the patients.  After the sex change operations there are a number of things that the patients still will be unable to do.  For men an erection is possible, however ejaculation is not possible.  Having sex with a woman will not only be possible but can also be enjoyable.  For women they will never be able to get pregnant, and there is no menstruation cycle.  They will also be unable to breast feed but will be able to orgasm.

While sex change operations do not entitle every aspect of being the chosen sex, it can supply a great amount of satisfaction.  Being transsexual is not a decision the person makes; rather, it's a disorder which is unavoidable.  People who go through these sex change operations should know exactly what to expect and make sure that they are well prepared and ready to dedicate themselves to becoming their true sex.


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