Sex Change Surgery a surgical method to change genital organs from one gender to another.

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Male to Female Operations 

With technology becoming more and more advanced the possibilities are endless.  The fact that male to female surgery is possible and are becoming more common can be mind boggling.  In the land of the free you can say, write, think, and now even be what ever you want!  Our society has gender roles that not everybody follows, and some people are starting to think that if you can't change the label's why not just change your sex.

Having a male to female operation is by no means a short and simple procedure.  The continuous maintenance to your new vagina is very important as well as painful.  One of the things you have to do after the male to female operations is to dilate your vagina to reduce scar tissue.  This dilation is important to keep a large canal and the pain will reduce through time in doing this process.

The doctor also will give you antiseptic cream to apply to your vagina twice a day for about six months for the most successful results.  Also, the importance of cleaning your vagina, and hands before contact can not be stressed enough. 

After the male to female operations you will be restricted from extreme activities for several months.  Even a routine shave will cause a lot of pain and bruising for a few days.  Furthermore; breast implants will also include sever pain, but only for a few days. You should make sure to take the prescribed medications.  It is usually advised to wait at least six weeks before engaging in any sexual activity.

It is very important to remember that while female to male operations have rare success in reversal, male to female operations have absolutely no way of reversing.  The fact that both your penis and testicles are removed makes it impossible to ever go back to your original sexual makeup.

While you may have the physical appearance of a female, and mentally feel like you are finally your true sex, there are still some limitations of your female abilities.  It is impossible to ever get pregnant and give birth.  You will also never go through a menstrual cycle.  Breast feeding is also impossible.  However, having sex and even experiencing an orgasm will in fact be possible.

Possibly one of the hardest things to adjust in a male to female operations is the voice.  In this case hormones are injected to change some of what are considered secondary sexual characteristics.  The operations do not provide these secondary characteristic changes which is why the hormones are needed.  Hormones will do a number of things including changing a deep voice to a more feminine one in a male to female operation.  Some facilities even offer speech classes to help you develop your desired voice following your male to female operations.

While male to female operations can be very satisfying for some people; it is crucial that you be convinced that you are 100% ready and dedicated to go through with this process.  You usually have to be approved by three psychologists because male to female operations is truly a life altering and irreversible procedure.


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