Sex Change Surgery a surgical method to change genital organs from one gender to another.

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  Gender Reassignment Surgery 

While many people go through life without thinking twice about their sexual makeup and whether or not it is correct; others find themselves more then convinced that they are the wrong sex.  Whether its their body, sexual characteristics, gender roles and expectations or all of these things combined; gender reassignment surgery serves as a plausible alternative for getting the desired results.

In gender reassignment surgery there are a number of different procedures in which patients go through depending on whether they are being reassigned as a male or a female. 

Going through gender reassignment surgery has it's fair share of complications.  Obviously, any procedure that requires an operation is going to be far from cheap.  Other complications include the fact that there are not many surgeons with experience in the gender reassignment procedures of constructing either vagina's or penis'.

The fact that gender identity is generally classified as a disorder makes it possible but complicated for people seeking gender reassignment surgery.  While you may be surprised that such procedures are legal they are often protected by organizations known as "Standards of Care for Gender Identity Disorders".  Given that they are protected there is still a number of qualifications to be diagnosed with this disorder.

Patients usually have to be evaluated by three different psychologists to decide that these people not only want to go through with the gender reassignment surgery but want to live the rest of their lives as their desired sex.  There are also interventions to attend for these people, and even a process called "real life experience" to make a final decision on not only the gender reassignment surgery, but the life ahead of them after the operation. On the other hand, some medical professionals do not believe that all of this is really necessary.

What makes all of the qualifications for gender reassignment surgery necessary, is the permanence.  While female to male surgery's have a slight chance of being reversible, male to female surgeries have no chance of reversal due to the removal of both the penis an testicles.  Also whether or not a person is convinced that they are ready to go through with the gender reassignment surgery they are not ready for the societal reactions and discriminations that usually follow.  Sometimes being unable to walk down the street without being harassed can be harder then living in what these people believe is not their true sex. 

Other then societal reaction ,is the lengthy and painful rehab following the gender reassignment surgery.  Limitations for extreme and even regular activity exist for several months while the entire process can take up to a year and a half.  Constant maintenance to your new sexual makeup can also be very demanding and painful, and if your are unwilling to take care of your new body then you have just wasted a lot of money.

The total of people going though with gender reassignment surgery will only increase with society becoming more excepting and technologically advanced.  Remember, it isn't an attempt to get attention or to start over; but and actual disorder that these people have to face.  The dedication is stressed and the tests are stern in order to qualify these gender reassignment surgeries; in order to validate that this is in fact the right road for these people to follow.


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