Sex Change Surgery a surgical method to change genital organs from one gender to another.

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Sex Change Surgery Procedure

Male to female sex change surgery procedure requires the female hormone “estrogen” to be inserted within the body of the male. This will help to grow necessary breasts and build body fats in the required areas. But before inserting estrogen the penis needs to be removed and a vagina is required to be created with the help of grafting techniques which will make the genitals appear feminine.

In case of female to male sex change surgery, a penis needs to be constructed from the available female genitals. This is a tough task since the female clitoral tissues are smaller in size. Other changes done in female to male sex change surgery are done to the breast to make it look more masculine. Hormone therapy alters the secondary sexual characteristics; in this case it lowers the voice and causes body hair and beard to grow in females.

The actual sex change surgery procedure involves a lot of precision. The surgeon slices the skin of the penis lengthwise from the head or glans down to the base on the underside. The base of the skin remains attached due to this slice while the doctor peels the skin around the penis.

The penile skin is turned inside out just like one might turn a sock inside out. This inverted penis will finally look like a vagina once the slits are stitched to each other again.

A small stub of tissue here can be used to create a miraculous process. When the internal penile tissue was removed, a small stub of tissue was left behind, still attached. This is erectile tissue, which becomes stiff when stimulated, and also carries sexual sensation. This process confirms orgasm, or at least "a reasonable degree of erogenous sensitivity," that can be experienced by patients after sex change surgery.

A tiny slit, perhaps a half-inch in length, is made in the new, inverted penis near the base where it is still attached. The stub of erectile tissue is pushed through the slit, forming the equivalent of a clitoris, and providing the opportunity for complete orgasm and sexual satisfaction after sex change surgery. In addition, a second tiny slit is made below the one for the clitoris. The urinary tube is rerouted to this second slit to create a typical female urinary opening.

Once this male to female sex change surgery procedure has been accomplished, the skin and muscles of the lower abdomen are lifted up with surgical instruments, providing a gap near the pelvic bone. The inverted penis is pushed into the gap, still attached at the base, so that it hinges down and into the proper location for a vagina.

To allow for proper vaginal contractions later, some of the abdominal muscles are repositions around to new vagina so that they can squeeze in on it, both by conscious control and also automatically during orgasm.

The new vagina is filled with surgical gauze to maintain shape, and then anchored in place with a thin surgical wire which enters the abdomen from the outside, runs under the pelvic bone, through the new vagina, back up around the pelvic bone and out the abdomen again. Once the vagina has healed in place, which takes approximately seven days, the wire is removed by the sex change surgeon, who simply slips it out.


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