Sex Change Surgery a surgical method to change genital organs from one gender to another.

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Sex Change Surgery

In simply words sex change surgery is a surgical method that helps to change genital organs from one gender to another. Our society has all types of people. There exist women who would prefer being men and men who would prefer being women. Although the percentage of female to male sex change surgery is very less as compared to that of male to female sex change.

Such people do not follow any gender rules. They are aloof from the rules laid down by the society for men and women separately. These men and women believe that they are physically a different sex than they are mentally and emotionally. This dissonance is so profound in them that they are willing to be surgically altered. Another reason for which a sex change surgery, also known as sex reassignment surgery, is required is when a baby is born with intersex deformities. These deformities represent intermediate stages between the primordial female genitals and the change into male caused by male hormone stimulation. It is advisable to get a sex change surgery done immediately after the child's birth rather than waiting for any more years. This will help the child grow normally as the ambiguity relating sex will be eliminated right at the beginning. It is a general observation that male to female sex change surgery is more preferable since socially females are flexible with adjustments even if they won't have any kids.

People who are free from the gender bias ideology are called "transgender" and they come in various forms. A transgender person does not necessarily undergo a sex change surgery. One such particular type of transgender group of people is the Crossdressers. As the name suggests these people prefer to dress and behave like the opposite sex although they are satisfied with your own sex. It is just the matter of comfort for them and dressing like the opposite sex appeals more to them. They are not necessarily gay but they choose to live outwardly like the opposite sex. Drag performers are similar to crossdressers accept for their purpose for dressing like the opposite sex, is primarily to entertain people and not a matter of their comfort.

Some people relate emotionally and psychologically to there opposite sex and struggle for sex change surgery in order to find a balance between their mind and body. They feel they are having the mind of one sex and the body of the opposite sex which creates a conflict in their minds that causes disharmony. These people are known to be transsexuals.

If a child is born with a mixed gender pattern doctors normally go in for assigning the new- born with a certain gender they find appropriate at that time. There are chances that when this new born grows up he or she cannot relate to the gender assigned to him/her. Such is a person is called an intersexed individual.

Sexual identity is a very crucial characteristic human possess. Life is difficult for people with complex sex identities. For some transgenders life becomes difficult while those who make your mind up to surgically correct their genders could possibly have a normal life followed by the sex change surgery.


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